Close look of White Muscatel tea

Bug loves muscatel – bad tea


Not crystal sweet with muscatel aroma.

In this July I found a perfect tea garden, the owner comes from Taiwan who was a real estate merchant, he doesn’t know how to make tea instead he sells fresh tea leaves. I bought one month, all output from this month belongs to me. As no one ever use this Taiwan Jin Xuan varietal to make into White tea, so I designed a craft for it. The first day tea making was quite successful but I can’t stay there for so long time, the compromised proposal is to train somebody to lead the tea production. A local woman named “Joy” was chosen and the tea presented here are all her works.

● Cultivar: Taiwan Jin Xuan
● Producer: The Joy
● Origin: Dehua Fujian, China
● Harvest: July 2, 2022
● Altitude: 800m

Steeping Instructions:

3 grams | 12 oz water | 212°F | Steep 5 min.

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The Challenge Moment

You gotta know it’s not a perfect tea,
although has some highlights,
moreover it’s a test,
to find the good, the bad and why.
Comment out the truth,
And win $50 credit.

tea maker Joy
Tea maker Joy