Sunny Bay black tea leaves
Sunny Bay black tea leaf

Sunny bay black tea – bad tea


Smelled sweet but not strong, no fear of astringency due forgotten steeping, an easy tea.

You may like it. You may hear good black tea only comes from spring. Well it’s autumn season and we face a bad drought, only 12kgs tea out from 2.5 acres land, so I have to take care of it very seriously. After fermenting I borrowed Killing Green and Stacking craft from Yellow tea to rob the body back. Oh it’s blended too.

● Cultivar: Taiwan Qing Xin Da Mao and Huang Dan
● Producer: Daniel Hong
● Origin: Dehua Fujian, China
● Harvest: Sept. 24, 2022
● Altitude: 690m

Steeping Instructions:

4 grams | 12 oz water | 212°F | Steep 5 min.

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The Challenge Moment

You gotta know it’s not a perfect tea,
although has some highlights,
moreover it’s a test,
to find the good, the bad and why.
Comment out the truth,
And win $50 credit.

Tea picker Lin Mei Ying
Our most beautiful picker Lin Mei Ying