a brewed leaf on dry leaves
three cups of puer tea
dry and brewed puer tea leaf

Lucky cat raw Puer



Bold and sweet like rock sugar, has close smell of the wild Yunnan forest.

This tea comes from the single mom and his son who is not an ambitious man but very grateful with what he owns now, the mother always has a very sweet smile on face, warm and harmless. They are Hani People yet can speak mandarin so we had the chance to become friend but they never thought their teas would be enjoyed by foreigners thousand miles away, “Why not?” I replied.

● Cultivar: Yunnan big leaf
● Producer: Zhao Tian
● Origin: Nan Nuo Mtn. Yunnan, China
● Harvest: March 20, 2022
● Altitude: 1500m

Steeping Instructions:

3 grams | 12 oz water | 212°F | Steep 5 min.

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The Challenge Moment

We put a small bag into each order of this tea,
same tea but applied extra roasting,
what difference your tongue got?
Welcome to comment your findings.
One will be picked for $30 gift tea.

smiling mother
lovely smiles of the tea mother