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TEAGOGO a tiny tea lab.

No.10 Yucai Rd., Xiamen city Fujian Province CHINA
Contact: daniel hong (Tel: +86-13606071923)

First of all, you may want to know
All of our teas are pesticide free.

TEAGOGO is a very personal project of Daniel Hong, thus you can not expect something from here, for example:

  • Long white beard and old face as Daniel is still quite young
  • Monkey picked tea as Daniel is still not a legend
  • Perfect service as Daniel is not a perfect man

So what can you expect from teagogo?

  1. Surprising teas because Daniel has his philosophy about tea producing, his father and grandfather are not tea famers
  2. Chinese Traditional Medicine (aka. Zhong Yi), Daniel sometimes will share the learning diary
  3. Thoughts or questions or just something beauty he meet in daily life

Return Policy

As all orders are shipped from China so this is an international shipping which cost much more. But no love is no love, so we accept return and refund immediately without asking, no valid time limit, just email us your decision. In order to save troubles, you can keep the teas if value lower than $30. Please note the return freight will be charged on you.

Shipping Policy

Teas are normally sent out next day and email you the tracking number which should be traceable in two days as we use a middleman carrier to easy shipping job and get a little bit of discount.

You can track the parcel here or the Post Office of your country, please note that when a package is described as “preparing shipment”, this means the parcel has already left China and the information will be updated once arrive your country. Normally it takes 1-4 weeks.

— Update: We now ship with DHL only, no more other options.

Privacy Policy

Your data is your data, we sell tea not data. We will never ever transfer your assets to any others.

Tax Policy

Price presented here doesn’t include import tax or any tax related, in rare cases you will be asked for import duty, in that case, the carrier or more specifically your local Post Office or DHL will contact you and offer details.